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The Queen's Blade - T.C. Southwell I picked this up as a free read and, if poor formatting and sometimes odd use of words doesn't bother you, it's a fair story filled with action and intrigue. Blade, the assassin, performs a task for young Queen Minna, who not only rewards him generously, but decides—for reasons only she knows—to trust him and his judgment. Period. Minna is confidant and assertive, and also occasionally foolish, which lends a sense of humanness to an otherwise too-perfect character. Blade, in spite of the anger and lack of faith he harbors, proves to be surprisingly charismatic as well as talented. Even so, we learn too much of them through telling rather than showing, and the characters suffer for it.

The plot is straightforward and fast-paced, right up to a very abrupt, cliff-hanger ending, which was no ending at all.