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The Kinshield Legacy

The Kinshield Legacy - K.C. May I started this in the summer, got distracted, and had to begin all over again.

I found the book fairly typical of the fantasy genre, but an enjoyable, fast-moving read with plenty of action and adventure. The plot is simple and straightforward, without a lot of embellishment, but the protagonists are believable and engaging. The book opens with a scene guaranteed to make you want to read more. The reluctant hero stays reluctant, and his nobility outweighs his lowborn crassness, inspiring a somewhat gratuitous loyalty in those who follow him and his cause. I found the antagonist a little flat; for a man planning to take over the kingdom, his actions seem small and petty in scope and give no view of how he sees his future.

As another reviewer mentioned, the occasional crass comments from the male characters could have been omitted. They did nothing for the story and, in fact, detracted from the overall pace of the tale. Aside from that, I found May's style to be engaging and humorous, and I look forward to reading the next book in the series.