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The Wayfarer King (Kinshield Saga, #2)

The Wayfarer King (Kinshield Saga, #2) - K.C. May The second novel of this series picks up immediately where the first left off (literally). The story is fast paced and this sequel provides some entertaining new twists. Characterization holds strong, which I enjoyed, but I think the characters - and the story itself - might have been better served and even more engrossing if the scenes were lengthier. As it is, many of them felt rushed and abrupt - as were the chapter endings themselves. I liked Gavin's character and the trials he must endure. His romance seemed (again) abrupt and unfortunately sappy. There is some wonderful humor, less vulgarity (thankfully) than the first book, and some truly heart-tugging scenes. Some editing errors were enough to distract (repeat words and even sentences!) Still, the book makes for quick, light reading.