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The Viscount and the Witch

The Viscount and the Witch - Michael J. Sullivan The story (when you finally get to it past the introduction), is… cute.

It’s a nice little “day-in-the-life” of two men—three, if you count their rescue project—that gives a lighthearted look at their relationship. There’s more talking/explaining than showing, and I found the tale a bit short on both plot and tension. I found the ending too coincidental and convenient to be particularly satisfying, but I did enjoy the banter, the humor, and the unusual character of the viscount. The contrast between the two main characters made an interesting study, and it’s clear that the author knows these two very well.

“It's a good thing there was a moat right under the window.”

Royce stopped. “There was?”

All in all, I am still I am looking forward to reading the series.